5 Items I would Buy to Start a Sensory Playroom

  1. Play Kitchen – This provides so much independent pretend play opportunities for your little one and will grow with them over time!
  2. Pom Poms –  We like to use these for so many different activities. They can be used for fine motor practice with babies and older kiddos. They can be used to practice counting, to practice color identification, and to introduce textures. You can make a makeshift shoot and send the balls down the shoot. That introduces hand-eye coordination as well. You can add them to sensory calm down bottles and water play. And after you’ve gotten them wet, you can run them through the wash! We love all different kinds of pom poms, including various sizes and designs.
  3. Pretend Household Cleaning Items –  Our kids love to do what we do, don’t they? We can let them help us clean while teaching them these important skills. We can even use our pom poms from above to practice sweeping the pom poms into the dustpan
  4. Learning Resources Open and Close Presents – This is one of our all-time favorite toys. It’s perfect for little ones and older kiddos. You can practice fine motor skills by opening and closing the presents, you can match colors and the items inside, you can practice counting, identifying items, giving presents to friends, and so much more.
  5. A Soft and Cushioned Play Mat – This gives our anxious hearts some peace of mind. And allows your little one to crawl, walk, run, and fall with ease. It’s easy to clean, water resistant, and perfect to put under older kid toys like slides, pikler triangles, and more.

You can shop some of our favorite sensory playroom items here (affiliate links)

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