6 Ways to Play with our Sensory Pasta

  1. Imaginary Play – Can you make me some soup please? Mama is HUNGRY!
  2. Sorting – Can you find all of the pasta that looks like a bowtie? What about all of the yellow pasta?
  3. Counting – How many seashell pastas do you have in your jar?
  4. Fine Motor Skills – Let’s scoop some pasta into our jar until it’s full. Yay, it’s full! Let’s dump it into this jar. Wow, nice work! That took a lot of concentration, you must be so proud of yourself!
  5. Treasure Hunting – Can you find the coins? The green pasta has magical powers – can you find any of the green treasured pasta? How many treasures did you find?
  6. Crafts – Make some textured magic with your kiddo! Pick out some pasta and have them get a piece of paper. Ask them what they want to make. You can suggest something if they can’t think of anything – a tree, maybe? Invite them to glue the pasta to the paper and make your textured creation come to life.

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