How to Play with our MINI Sensory Shakers

Our MINI Sensory Shakers are the perfect sized toy to take with you in the car, to a doctor’s appointment, to a restaurant, on an airplane, or simply, to play with in your playroom. Here are some ways that we like to play with the Play Play Play! MINI Sensory Shakers. PS. These shakers are glued shut and cannot be opened.

  • Shake the Shakers and Listen for Different Sounds – Is that sound loud or quiet? Can you speak loudly? How about softly? Nice whisper! Can you hear the sand shaking? Can you hear the water inside? Which sound is louder? Which sound is quieter?
  • Observe the Shakers – Do you see bubbles? Do the items inside move fast or slow? Do the bubbles go up and down? Look how when we turn the bottles upside town, the stuff inside goes down too!  
  • Bang the Shakers Together – Bang, bang, bang! We are making loud sounds. What is we bang the tops together?
  • Turn the Shakers Upside Down – Look, we turned the shakers upside down. Do you think they will stay that way if we put them on the floor?
  • Organize the Shakers – Let’s put the shakers all in a line. Wow we have a lot of shakers. Can you count them? Let’s put them back into our basket in a new way.
  • Sort the Shakers – Let’s categorize our shakers? Let’s put all of the blue shakers together. Now all of the rice shakers together? What about all of the loud shakers together?
  • Play Pretend with the Shakers – Would you like some salt with that soup? Here you go sir. Let’s wash our hair with this colorful shampoo? I love that madam. Oh, magic potions – abra cadabra you are now a butterfly!

Through simple observation, exploration, and discussion, these toys introduce critical thinking, creativity, new language, color identification, counting practice, and so much more!