Sensory Goodies

MINI Sensory Calm Down Bottle Sets


Be prepared to be amazed by these mesmerizing and beautiful Montessori-inspired sensory calm down bottles. These are our MINI sensory bottles that have special glitter or colorful noise making materials inside.

These sets are PERFECT as a baby shower gift!

Babies, toddlers, and adults alike can’t keep their eyes (or hands) off these bottles. The movement, the sounds, it’s all so much fun! These are one of our most popular items to play with during our Sensory Classes. From five month olds all the way up to three plus year olds, they are a child magnet. These educational sensory bottles are known to help calm our nerves after tantrums, big feelings, or stressful situations. These bottles help distract and calm our anxiety, giving us a moment to simply focus on the movement or the sound in the bottle. Stress release has never looked so pretty.

How are they used, you might wonder? Here are some great ways that we like to use them:

-Shake them up and see what happens – do they make a sound?
-Put them up to the light and see how the colors change or shadows glisten on the floor
-Put them upside down – watch the textures, glitters, and objects change – will they fall? which direction will they go?
-Practice identifying colors
-Help your little one dance and move their body – bang them, tap them together, roll them off furniture
-Help your little one dance and move their body- in heated situations, shake, shake, shake them and watch the objects move, focusing on your breath until we’re all calm. When we’ve relaxed more, we can then tackle those big emotions – hug it out, say we’re sorry, compose our words…

This screen-free toy makes for a great gift, especially for new parents!

Did you know that these bottles are also wonderful for those of us with special needs. The glitter and movement in the bottle allows us focus while we wait for our bodies to calm. Many times, you will see sensory calm down bottles in classrooms. So these definitely make for a perfect teacher gift. They are also great therapy toys. How special!

Note: Each bottle is homemade and made to order. Your actual colors/color variation may differ slightly from what you see here. The bottle is glued shut. All sales are final. Adult supervision is required. Do not store in direct sunlight. These do not expire.


All sales are final. No returns or refunds.