Bring sensory play to your next party! Whether you are looking for an activity that is the main attraction of your parties, a few passive activities for little ones to explore on their own, or a kid’s corner for a grow up party, Play Play Play! has got you covered. We work with you to make your little one’s party one to remember.

We bring all of the sensory gear, including kid’s sized tables and chairs, and work with you to create your vision. We help facilitate activities and provide set up and clean up services, without you having to lift a hand.

Our hope is that you as parents are able to enjoy celebrating your little one (or your grown up friends) without having to worry about all of the hosting details.
Whatever your needs, we’ll get you taken care of so that you can be present, enjoy the memories, and mingle with your guests. Our goal is for your little one to have a blast, while making your life easier.

We work together to make your little one’s party customized to your needs. At the moment, there aren’t packages. Everything is customizable so reach out today to see if a Play Play Play! Party is the right fit for you!

We are so excited to connect and celebrate your little one!

We Enjoy

slime making

playdough stations

slide & ball pit

playdough making

craft stations

slide & block pit

kinetic sand making

water activities

block wall collapse

cloud dough making

“washing stations” with “mud”

pasta play

ispy bottle making

sink cleaning stations

& so much more


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